About Me


My name is Khaled Balabil. When I was 8 years old, my father took me to a bike shop to have a puncture repaired. He suggested that I watched as the man worked, the intention being that I would be able to fix my own punctures in future.

From those early days and through the following 45 years, my knowledge and experience of bikes grew as I repaired and rode bikes to race, commute, take part in sportives and charity rides in this country and abroad.

Having been through several careers – Botanist for the Ministry of Agriculture, Landscape and Garden Designer, Science Teacher – my interest in all things bikes and the great outdoors have never been far from my heart. With cycling being a popular, growing sport, the need for a dependable, local bike repair service is evident, more so with Morreys ending this part of their business. As someone once said, ‘small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises’. Holmes Chapel Bikes is that opportunity to fill a gap in the market, a chance to provide a service that all bicycle users can depend on and trust.