Service and Repair Prices


Health Check £20

Assess and report on wear of chain, cassette, brake pads, bearings and cables. Adjust brakes for balanced action. Adjust gears for correct operation. Check all fixing bolts and tighten to specified torques. Inspect tyres and inflate to the correct pressure. Lubricate all moving parts and cable contact points. Test ride.

Service £40

Bike frames and wheels are washed down. The following components are removed, de-greased, inspected for wear then re-fitted: rear derailleur and pulleys, chain, freewheel/cassette and chainset. V brake arms are removed, cleaned and mounts re-greased before re-assembling. Caliper brakes are cleaned and lubricated. Hydraulic brake pads are removed, inspected for wear and cleaned using a proprietary disc brake cleaner. Adjustments to all types of brakes are carried out. Wheels and tyres are checked and any minor truing carried out. Gears are fine-tuned for precise changing (this may involve re-aligning gear hanger). Headsets and bottom brackets are checked and adjusted if necessary. Any other components such as wheel skewers, bottle cage bolts and seat tube bolts are removed, greased then put back. Customers are always advised of any unforeseen major fault before repair is conducted.

Please note that there will be an additional charge for parts needed to complete a repair.

General Maintenance

  • Puncture repair including new inner tube £8
  • Brakes adjustment £8
  • Gears adjustment £8
  • Wheel true £15

Other services

  • Gears service with new cable £15
  • Brake service with new cable £15
  • Bought in a box full build and safety check from £20
  • Hydraulic brakes bleed, front £15, rear £15, front and rear £25

Parts replacement

  • Bottom bracket from £15
  • Headset from £15
  • Fit new derailleur £10
  • Fit new block or cassette or chain £10
  • Fit a new groupset from £50

Bicycle collection

I have very limited space to store completed repairs and ask that all bicycles are collected on the agreed collection/completion date.

Storage cost

A £1 fee will be added to the bicycle service or repair total invoice per additional day the bicycle is stored with Holmes Chapel Bikes after the agreed collection date, up to a maximum of 30 days.

 Uncollected Bicycles

All bicycles must be collected within 30 days of the service or repair completion date. Any bicycles left in storage after 30 days from the agreed completion date will be sold to recoup service costs.